Property Guide: Details

Here’s our definitive guide to staying at Le Mas. We’ve included as many facts, top tips and a few warnings that we can think of. We hope this is helpful.

In general, kindly bear in mind that this is our ‘home from home’ so please treat it as though it was yours too. Make yourself comfortable but also be considerate in leaving it as you might wish to find it! For which, many thanks for your understanding.

Arrivals & Departures

Changeover day is Saturday. Guests are asked to arrive after 4pm and to depart by 10am to allow time to clean and prepare for our next visitors.

Breakages or Losses

If you do break or lose anything please don’t try to replace it, but please do let us know.


Please park all cars in the open barn and do not drive them onto the grass.


We have two cots with mattresses available for small children at no extra charge.

Cutlery & Utensils

A good selection of cutlery can be found in the cupboard to the right of the kitchen sink in Le Mas and to the left of the sink in Le Petit Mas. Other kitchen tools are in the pots on the cupboard next to the cooker and in the drawers of the kitchen table in Le Mas and in the other drawers left of the sink in Le Petit Mas.


Please be extra careful around the ponds. Kids are welcome to enjoy themselves in the barns but this is an old property so be careful of loose timbers, stones and uneven surfaces. We do not accept responsibilities for any injuries .


The local doctor is in rue St Jacques, Monpazier. Tel 05


There are kitchen-dining tables in both houses but you may prefer to eat at one of the tables positioned on the 5 terraces. There are plastic chairs which can be used for outdoor seating. If these are not already out they can be found in the large barn. There are extra table clothes in the basket on the chair under stairs in Le Mas. Please bring them inside in case of wet weather.

The covered terrace facing the church is the best location for breakfast or if the weather is inclement. There is big barbecue pit to the side of the courtyard and wire grills in the barn and a mobile Weber kettle BBQ. Please clean this and bring it undercover in bad weather and when you leave.

Emergency Services

Telephone: Police 17, Ambulance 15, Fire Brigade 18.


You are welcome to have to have a fire in the fireplaces in either house. There is plenty of wood in the garage barn. Most of this is chestnut and can pop and spark, so please be sure to use the fireguard and look out for wayward sparks. If you have had fires, then before you leave can you please sweep out and tidy the fireplace.

Flowers & Plants

We would be very pleased if you could water any thirsty flowers & plants, particularly the geraniums. Thank you.


There is a boule set by the pot with rackets opposite the sideboard in the dining area of the main house and games in the sideboard itself. There is a table-tennis table in the large barn with bats and balls.


The cookers in both kitchens run on bottled gas. In Le Mas, the cylinder is kept in the cupboard to the right of the cooker and the valve may need to be turned on. There should be a spare cylinder in one of the first barn. The cylinder, and spare, in Le Petit Mas is in the utility room. If necessary, you can get gas from the garage just outside of St. Marcory on the road to Beaumont. The automatic lighter mechanism for the cooker in the main house is not working, so please use lighters or matches.


There should be three hammocks in the hanging basket in the downstairs bedroom of Le Mas. These can be relocated wherever you like. There are connecting ropes already tied to two acacia trees on the area above the barbecue; on the church terrace; between a couple of trees below the pool and under the loggia behind Le Petit Mas. Please do not leave them out in the rain.


If the weather is letting you down, there are a number of electric radiators situated around the Le Mas house or stored in the barn. Le Petit Mas has underfloor heating. This is separately marked on the electricity board in the utility room and there are thermostats at the entrance to this room and on the way through to the downstairs bedroom

Iron and Kettle

In the main house, there is an iron in the cupboard under the stairs in the kitchen and an electric kettle in the sideboard. In Le Petit Mas, both can be found in the utility room

Outdoor Seating

There are sun loungers for use around the pool. if not set out, these are stored in the large barn. Please bring in any cushions , covers etc that you use in the case of bad weather.


The local police station is on the left just before entering Monpazier. Tel 05 53 22 60 17


Please make sure that young children are properly supervised around the swimming pool and the grounds. A pool alarm is fitted but this is no substitute for careful supervision. Please see the separate instruction for turning this alarm on and off. 

We cannot accept any responsibility for accidents. Please do not throw or kick objects such as stones into the pool and be extra careful if using glass around the pool.

Arnaud will clean the pool once a week – usually on a Wednesday.


If you have any problems or questions, please contact our neighbour, Arnaud Lascombes who looks after everything at Le Mas on our behalf. He lives just at the bottom of the hill and can be contacted most hours. Tel: +33 6 74 83 50 74


You are likely to find provisions left by ourselves or previous visitors in the cupboards, drawers and or fridges in both houses. Please feel free to use these but also kindly replace essentials used for those who follow.


You should find rubbish bags under the sink in both houses. When full, these need to be taken to the communal rubbish bins at the bottom of hill by the Mairie and old Ecole You will need to use the SMD3 card left at the house for you in order to open the general rubbish container. Please make sure you leave it when you depart.


You are welcome to use the phone. We have an itemised bill and can recharge for calls made during your stay. For international calls just dial ’00’ followed by the country code and number.

TV & Radio

Both houses have access to Freesat TV and radio from the UK together with good selection of DVDs and old VHS tapes.


Both houses are served by WiFi. The code for the router is on the back of the router. The code for the main house router one is: mfortorym5enetuninta