Out and About: Shopping

There are three bakers in Monpazier and all are good. It is worth trying them all to establish your preference. Jean Briad on Rue St Notre Dame has a cafe bar, but is closed on Mondays. Be sure to try the local walnut bread and tarts. Walnuts are a local speciality and taste wonderfully fresh.

There are three mini-markets in Monpazier and they all stock the essentials, including fresh milk. We generally use Casino on the market square or the bigger one in Rue St Jacques.

The closest, larger supermarkets are found in Villereal, Beaumont and Siorac. We generally use the Carrefour Market at Siorac which has a small but good fresh fish counter and a petrol station. All the supermarkets are closed during lunch. Bergerac, Villeneuve sur Lot and Sarlat have much larger hypermarkets. The best is probably the big new Carrefour at Creysse just outside Bergerac to the east or the older Leclerc on the road to Bordeaux on the west.

Most of the surrounding villages and towns have a weekly market where you can buy local produce. The Monpazier market, held on Thursdays, has a very good fish stall.

Market Day

  • Tuesday: Beaumont, Le Bugue & Trémolat
  • Wednesday: Bergerac, Cadouin & Sarlat
  • Thursday: Domme & Monpazier
  • Friday: Le Buisson de Cadouin
  • Saturday: Belvès, Bergerac, Sarlat & Villefranche-du-Périgord
  • Sunday: Daglan, Issijeac & St. Cyprien

Every so often in the summer there are antique fairs know as brocantes. Check the regional website at www.pays-de-bergerac.com

The nearest garage is just outside Monpazier on the road to Beaumont. Alternatively there are petrol stations at most supermarkets.

The ovens run on bottled gas. If you need to buy additional gas bottles they are available at the garage and the larger supermarket in Monpazier and at most petrol stations. A wide range of hardware materials can be bought at the excellent store in Beaumont (on the narrow road leading from the square). There is a also a good hardware store next to the Carrefour Market at Siorac.

All the local supermarkets stock a reasonable range of regional wine. There is an excellent wine merchant called Julien de Savignac (0553.07.10.31), just south of Le Bugue. As you approach Le Bugue from Vic it is on the main road on the right hand side. Please see the Food & Wine section for some suggestions regarding vineyards we recommend visiting.

Other Needs
Larger stores with a wider range of goods are found in the regional towns of Bergerac, Villeneuve sur Lot and Sarlat. Sarlat is the most attractive town (see the Towns & Villages section) but is it touristy. Bordeaux and Toulouse are both two hours drive away. They obviously have the best range of shops.